Ways to Give

Outright "Current" Gifts

A gift of cash is the easiest way of giving to the Pharmacy Foundation. An unrestricted gift to be used for priority needs is of great benefit. Gifts may also be designated. Without designation, your gift will be unrestricted for use where the need or opportunity is the greatest. Your gift is tax deductible and is immediately available to the Pharmacy Foundation to support the College of Pharmacy. For your convenience, complete the Gift Contribution Form.

A pledge represents support for the present and a confidence that the future will offer even more for the profession of pharmacy. With your pledge for a future gift, we will send you a friendly reminder for the pledge period you select on the Gift Contribution Form.

Upon the loss of a loved one, some families prefer to have gifts directed to charitable organizations in lieu of flowers. Southwestern Pharmacy Alumni Foundation, Inc. gratefully receives such gifts in memory of alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends of the College of Pharmacy. Donors will be acknowledged by the Pharmacy Foundation, and the family members will be notified of the names and addresses of all individuals who make memorial gifts.

Class reunions, retirements, special anniversaries, and birthdays are times when you may choose to direct charitable gifts to the Pharmacy Foundation. Such a tribute provides a meaningful, living gift to a friend, relative or colleague by honoring a special occasion. Donors will be acknowledged by the Pharmacy Foundation, and individuals being honored will be notified of all gifts made in their honor.

Many corporations encourage employees to participate in philanthropic opportunities by matching, doubling, or even tripling each dollar you contribute to the Pharmacy Foundation. Your company’s personnel department can provide details and the matching gift form to include with your gift contribution. For more information, see our Gift Contribution Form.

Common stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other appreciated securities may be donated to the Southwestern Pharmacy Alumni Foundation. Depending upon the circumstances, the Pharmacy Foundation will either manage or liquidate the securities to achieve the donor’s goals. A popular benefit of such a gift beyond the charitable income tax deduction is the avoidance, in most cases, of capital gains tax on the appreciation. It is almost always to your advantage to transfer appreciated securities to the Pharmacy Foundation directly, rather than selling them and giving cash. For more information about donating Gifts of Securities, contact us.

Planned "Deferred" Gifts

Deferred gifts are the result of careful planning that integrates a donor’s charitable gift into his or her overall financial, tax, and estate planning objectives so as to maximize benefits for both the donor and the Southwestern Pharmacy Alumni Foundation. Planned gifts typically come from a donor’s assets rather than income and can be outright gifts, deferred gifts, or a combination of the two. Each of the deferred giving instruments summarized below is closely regulated by law and requires special arrangements and tax treatment. For more information about Planned “Deferred” Gifts, contact us.

A bequest is a gift made through a Will or Living Trust. The Southwestern Pharmacy Alumni Foundation is often named beneficiary in the Wills and Living Trusts of alumni and friends. Bequests may be stated as a percentage of the estate, as the residual of the estate, or a specific dollar amount. Since a Will can be changed, no income tax benefits are associated with a bequest; however, the donor’s estate is reduced by the amount of the bequest for estate tax purposes.
The drafting of your Will or Living Trust should be arranged with your attorney. Pharmacy Foundation representatives are available to confer with you and your attorney in drafting the appropriate bequest clauses.

Life Insurance can become a gift more valuable than the actual money expended when the policy is given to the Pharmacy Foundation and is named as the beneficiary. Three different giving opportunities are available with life insurance:

  • First method: A donor can contribute a “paid up” policy to the Pharmacy Foundation and receive an income tax deduction equal to the policy’s cash/replacement value.
  • Second method: A donor can name the Pharmacy Foundation as primary beneficiary of the policy, resulting in estate tax savings, but no income tax deduction.
  • Third method: A donor can name the Pharmacy Foundation as owner and beneficiary of a new policy and receive an income tax deduction for the amount of the premiums paid.