Finals Feast – Fall 2022

From donuts to granola bars & yogurt to breakfast burritos to fruits & vegetables…and maybe a cookie or two.

Finals Feast, a project led by the Pharmacy Alumni Association Council and coordinated by the Pharmacy Alumni Office, takes place during the SWOSU College of Pharmacy Final Exam days. Exams for the Fall 2022 semester start on December 9 and end on December 16.

Perhaps you remember when you were a pharmacy student and how it was challenging to do anything other than study during that stressful time. But for the sake of sanity, food was essential. Thanks to numerous sponsors and the Pharmacy Alumni Association, the pharmacy students will be provided a variety of food choices throughout the final exam days.

Much gratitude goes to the generous alumni and friends who are sponsoring the 2022-2023 Finals Feast (Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters). Along with the Pharmacy Alumni Association, sponsors include the following:

  • Buford Abeldt
  • Addison Drug via Robert Addison
  • Samuel Barrett II
  • Chad and Kimberly Betts
  • Gary Bintz
  • Donald Chambers
  • Chandu Changela
  • Clif’s Pharmacy via Mike Meece
  • Community Pharmacy via Kelly & Nancy Selby
  • Christy Cox
  • Ashley DeVaughan Circles
  • Abigail Donato
  • Robert Frazier
  • Jack Gillum
  • Sabrina Griggs
  • Bryan & Deanne Hammons
  • Rachel Michelle Harrison
  • Harvest Drug via Samantha Beard
  • Hite Drug via Richard Covington
  • Fred Keehn
  • Dorinda & Jim Martin
  • Bruce McAnally
  • Crystal McEntire
  • Yvette Morrison
  • Felicia Neparko
  • Jamie Patch
  • Larry & Denise Segars
  • Walgreens via Ryan Walker
  • John & Sandra Walker


A “tasty” THANK YOU to all of the SWOSU College of Pharmacy Finals Feast sponsors.

Posted: November 18, 2022



Dec 12 2022 - Dec 16 2022


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