David Ralph – Spotlight

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  • Class of 1975
  • Weatherford, OK
  • Retired Dean of the SWOSU College of Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Alumni Association Council – Treasurer

When asked what is the most important thing you learned in pharmacy school, David said,

You can do anything with this degree.” 

David is a retired Dean from the SWOSU College of Pharmacy. He stated, “I have been at SWOSU College of Pharmacy since graduation.” Until retirement, David worked at the College of Pharmacy for 47 years. He also serves as the SWOSU Pharmacy Alumni Association’s Treasurer. He continues his role as Financial Administrator for the Pharmacy Foundation. During his time at SWOSU as a pharmacy student, he was involved in SWPhA, serving as their Vice-President and President; Rho Chi; and the Dean’s Advisory Council, as well as playing intramural basketball (which he continued as a non-student for 40 years).  He came to SWOSU after his graduation from Commerce High School. Now he resides in Weatherford, Oklahoma with his wife Vicki Ralph (also a SWOSU Pharmacy Graduate, Education). To learn more about David, read the information below.

Hometown Commerce, OK
High School Commerce High School
Other College Degree(s) MBA, PhD
Current work, plus primary work history timeline, since graduation Have been at SWOSU College of Pharmacy since graduation.  Unable to get another job.
Current/Past involvement (memberships, committees, etc) with SWOSU and/or the College of Pharmacy (including Pharmacy Alumni Association or Pharmacy Foundation), since graduation Association Treasurer since 1977 when Dean Dickison told me I was the Treasurer
Community/Civic Activities, Special Interests, etc. When younger, coached a lot of youth sports – soccer, baseball, basketball.  Currently, enjoying Weatherford Kiwanis Club, serving the youth of Weatherford and the area.
Activities you were involved in at SWOSU Played intramural basketball for 46 years.  Didn’t die on the court as my wife predicted.
What made you choose pharmacy as your degree? Had several family members who were in pharmacy.  Wanted a challenging degree program.
What is the most interesting job you’ve had and why? Being here at SWOSU, watching the students mature and become responsible professionals and trusted members of their communities.
What do you like most about being a pharmacist? It is such a wide-open profession to contribute to healthcare.  There is not one direction you can take your education and make a difference to the patients you serve.
Who is your favorite and/or most memorable pharmacy teacher, and why? Dr. Timmons, after I was out of his classes.  He was frightening in the classroom.  Always serious and so smart.  Once I joined the faculty, he become a great friend and mentor that I relied on to provide sage advice.  
What is your best memory of your time at SWOSU? The feeling of being in a huge family that doesn’t always get along but will be there when you need them the most.
Where was your favorite place to study or hangout during pharmacy school? Studying – Library
Hanging out – Anywhere Mark & Suzanne McCandless were.
What is the most important thing you learned in pharmacy school? You can do anything with this degree.
What is one thing you know now you wish you knew in pharmacy school? Relax and enjoy the time you spend in college.  Getting out and working just isn’t the same as the flexible freedoms of college days (even with tests).
What are your current hobbies/travels/activities? I like woodworking, creating projects that my wife & daughter like to find for me.  Traveling is a huge blast for us.  I so enjoy other cultures, interacting with people, seeing those famous sites and being able to say, we’ve been there.  We have shrunk the world electronically, but we need to continue to do so through travel and personal contact with the world.
Complete this sentence: “One thing you probably didn’t know about me is….” I started first grade when I was 5, not because I was gifted but my birthday required I begin.  This led to not getting a drivers license until my senior year and only being 17 when I started college.
What is your proudest accomplishment since leaving SWOSU? Professionally, being named Dean of the College of Pharmacy in 2016.  Being the first graduate of Southwestern College of Pharmacy to become Dean.  Personally, my family.
What advice would you give a current pharmacy student? Focus on being the best pharmacist & person you can be.  You don’t have to make perfect grades but be the best YOU can be.
If you were writing an autobiography, what would the book title be (besides your name)? He Always Wanted to be like Robin Williams
List family members that also graduated from SWOSU: Pharmacists:
Charles Moudy – uncle
Larry Ralph – brother
Barbara Ralph Kessler – sister
Ryan Ralph – nephew
Andy Ralph – son
Derek Ralph – son
Janie Ralph Ream – sister (HIM)
Vicki Edwards Ralph – wife (Education)
Kacie Ralph Purdum – daughter (Education)
List immediate family names: Vicki L. Ralph wife
Andy Ralph – son
Derek Ralph & Roxie Camden Ralph – son/daughter-in-law
Kacie & Brant Purdum – daughter /son-in-law
Graham Ralph
Fletcher Ralph
Preslie Purdum
Gage Purdum

Posted: November 30, 2022